CPS offers consulting, development, and manufacturing services to provide our customers with solutions to their energy curable formulation and material needs. Please Contact Us for pricing and other information related to the services below.

Formulation Development

CPS provides novel solutions to monomer synthesis and selection, polymer formation-structure-property relationships and measurement, formulation design and evaluation, and materials processing needs. Specializing in custom energy curable solutions for both small and large customers. CPS has expertise in all areas of energy curing including coatings and adhesive materials, 3D printing formulations, optical materials and hydrogels. CPS has a line of commercially available energy curable formulations that already meet a wide range of application requirements. Additionally, CPS works with our customers to develop custom formulations meeting their specific application requirements.
- Low to high Tg
- Low to high modulus and strength
- Low to high elongation
- Low shrinkage and stress
- Optical clarity and low to no yellowing
- Pigmented systems
- Composite materials
- Adhesion to a wide range of substrates


The CPS catalog contains a wide range of coatings and adhesive formulations as well as 3D printing resins. CPS also develops and manufactures custom energy curable formulations tailored to meet specific application requirements.


CPS provides analytical services for characterization of polymerizations and materials properties.
- Polymerization kinetics
- Conversion
- Glass transition temperature (Tg)
- Modulus
- Strength
- Elongation
- Solvent Resistance
- Adhesion
- Resilience
- Hardness
- Absorption/Transmission
- Shrinkage & stress