Ember Printer

LCD Materials

Our LCD resins print on a wide range of different LCD printers including Anycubic Photon and Phrozen Shuffle. Our materials provide a range of versatility for printing unique and high resolution objects. The resins available here are intended to meet a wide range of prototyping, investment casting, and high temperature solvent resistant materials printing needs.

Prototyping Materials

Our prototyping resins print reliably and repeatably to produce high quality parts with excellent resolution. The materials also exhibit low shrinkage and are excellent for dental modeling applications.

Investment Casting Materials

Our investment casting resins print reliably and consistently to produce high quality prints with excellent resolution. Pieces made with these resins handle well and burn out cleanly resulting in high quality metal casts.


Specialty Materials

Formulated to produce tough solvent resistant parts capable of withstanding high temperatures.


General Offer Terms

All currency listed is U.S. Dollars. Prices do not include shipping, handling, customs, duties and taxes. Customer is solely responsible for customs clearance and all related costs. Offer is not available everywhere. Void where prohibited. Some restrictions apply, including Export Control clearance. For more offer details, please contact us.

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