3D printing resins

CPS develops custom 3D printing resins

please contact us if you have specific 3D printing needs.

All of our 3D printing resins and accessories are certified to work in the Autodesk Ember Printer. The resins available here are intended to meet a wide range of prototyping, investment casting, and functional materials printing needs.

Our prototyping resins provide a range of versatility for printing unique and high resolution objects. All of the colors can be mixed. Mix yellow with blue to get green, or white with blue to get light blue, or black with white to get grey. The color possibilities are infinite!

Our investment casting resin reliably prints with exquisite detail to replace traditional wax casting. Burnout is clean resulting in high quality metal casts.

Prototyping Resins

High resolution formulations for rapid prototyping. Standard colors include Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Black, White and Clear. The colors can be intermixed in any ratio to form the desired color or shade.

InvestmEnt casting resins

Investment casting formulations create unique casted parts with fine details. Ideal for applications in dental, jewelry design and rapid tooling. Additional colors can be provided upon request and for an additional cost.

Specialty materials

High resolution formulations that achieve superior material properties for additive manufacturing. These materials range in properties from high modulus/tough to low modulus/high elongation formulations. Available in black. Additional colors can be provided upon request and for an additional cost.

Dental Modeling Materials

Create accurate dental models in the office with high precision for all purpose model making that can be utilized to print study models, digital wax up models, removable dies, and models for thermoforming clear aligners.


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Safety data sheets - SDS / technical data sheets - TDS

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