Discover N3xtDimension® formulations for 3D Printing

At Arkema’s 3D Printing Applications Development Center in Boulder, CO, we offer UV-Curable formulations and material development to push additive manufacturing to the next level.

  • Library of innovative 3D printing formulations, designed for performance
  • Online ordering and fast shipping of 3D formulations
  • New chemistries and formulation expertise to enable customer-specific product development
  • Capabilities for small scale manufacturing and packaging of formulations
  • Advanced printing equipment for application-specific testing and development
N3xtDimension® formulations for 3D Printing

Online Catalog of Materials

We take pride in developing materials to meet the next generation of 3D printing performance requirements. Our Nx3tDimension® custom formulations are designed to meet a wide range of different application needs including high-strength, modeling, casting, high-temperature, and more. Our materials for DLP, LCD, SLA and Inkjet print rapidly on a wide range of different printers with excellent resolution and outstanding reliability.

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